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22 April 2014 – CV Show Newsletter 6

Stand 4J120

Masternaut, the largest European provider of telematics solutions, will demonstrate its next generation telematics platform, Masternaut Connect, at the CV Show. Experts will be on hand at Masternaut’s demo pods to show how the platform works and the benefits it can provide.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut said, “The landscape has changed considerably since we introduced our first generation telematics solutions. The growth of floating car data, advances in driver performance management, vehicle scheduling and data aggregation means there is more intelligence available to acquire and more opportunity to harness it.”

It has taken 18 months’ development and more than 16 years’ experience to bring Masternaut Connect to market. In a first for a business-to-business telematics vendor, the platform offers the robustness and scalability to handle big data demands.

Also on show will be TACHOfresh – a web-based solution for secure archiving of both driver and vehicle data. This is evaluated according to regulation EC561/2006 and is immediately available as social reports. Logistics companies using the system will have instant access to tachograph-generated data from across Europe, detailing driver and vehicle information including speed, driving and resting times and historical details including mileage (in line with EU regulation).

More from: Firefly Communications | | +44 (0)20 3170 8008

Stand 4E04

Turboactive, the UK’s leading remanufacturer of turbochargers for car and light commercial vehicles, will introduce a range of new own brand turbochargers. Renowned for its large range of premium quality remanufactured turbochargers, the company will show its new alternative to OEM turbochargers. Re-engineered and fully assembled in the UK with enhanced build quality and featuring upgraded Billet compressor wheels, it offers customers a cost-effective alternative to new OE turbochargers.

Steve Bush, Turboactive’s Business Development Manager said, “This addition to our range fits well between our competitively priced remanufactured product and new OEM turbos, making us a one-stop-shop for turbochargers.”

More from: Steve Bush | | +44 (0)7966 045361

Stand 3H109

Ultimate Transport Finance offers specialist funding solutions for vehicle operators. It can release up to 95% from companies’ ledger balance using an invoice finance facility. This is above the current industry average of 80% and bridges the gap between an invoice being raised and the customer payment. The company can also manage sales ledger and provide full credit control, leaving companies free to concentrate on running their business.

In addition, this facility can create a cash reserve of some £7,700 of working capital for the first vehicle over 3.5 tonnes and a further £4,200 for each additional vehicle, demonstrating compliance with ‘O’ licence financial requirements.

The facility also allows vehicle operators to benefit from the Ultimate fuel card, a convenient and secure way of paying for diesel, with comprehensive UK coverage and a fixed price per litre for the week ahead. It provides a 21 day credit facility with no bond required and the annual administration fee is just £50.

As a final bonus there is the option of Debtor Protection to insure against bad debts. For busy operators who just want to concentrate on the operational side of their business there are a lot of benefits.

More from: Joseph Hill | | +44 (0)800 121 7757

Stand 4E11

Exeros Technologies, a market leader in using camera systems to make vehicles increasingly safe, will use its first CV Show to debut three pieces of technology.

An exclusive windscreen-mounted live risk analysis unit captures video from in front and behind its position and, importantly, is in constant communication with its online cloud storage facility. The Track Eye Nano works with the IDER driver to upload events, scoring individual drivers on their risk level, enabling fleets to save significantly on accident claims and insurance.

The P2PPro compact car camera features ground-breaking Proactive Driving Improvement (PDI) functionality. This describes the way in which camera technology can proactively help fleets to lower driving risk by reading new road signs, logging GPS, warning of GATSOs, tailgating, lane departure and more. It measures 9cm x 5cm and costs less than a sat-nav.

Exeros Technologies will also present the world’s first HD mobile hard-drive recording. Storing video in 720p resolution, the Track Eye IP will capture journeys in a much higher quality than previously found on similar products.

More from: Jay Biring | | +44 (0)20 8303 1188

Stand 4J100

SmartWitness, manufacturer of world-class vehicle CCTV systems, will showcase its brand-new KP1 vehicle journey recorder, along with its best-selling SVC100GPS model, at the CV Show. SmartWitness cameras typically save fleet customers a substantial 20% on insurance bills and can improve safety records by as much as 50%.

The KP1 has been hailed as the most powerful and advanced vehicle CCTV in the world and comes to the market after three years of dedicated research and development. The two-camera system provides instant notification of incidents, with video footage of what actually happened e-mailed direct to the user’s private or company address less than 60 seconds after a collision, enabling insurance claims to be filed in record time. Insurers have found that just 2% of incidents recorded on SmartWitness cameras result in disputed claims – compared with an industry norm of 40%. The KP1 can be integrated into any telematics unit and provides daily driver reports, either by secure e-mail or SMS.

More from: Mark Berry | | +44 (0)844 947 1000

Stand 5H143

Driver First Assist, a not-for-profit road safety initiative which seeks to reduce road fatalities through incident first-on-scene training, will exhibit at the CV Show. The initiative’s founder, David Higginbottom, will explain the programme’s potential to reduce road traffic fatalities by almost half, as well as how to become a fully qualified DFA member.

Current statistics show that 39%-85% of road traffic deaths are caused by an airway obstruction that can kill within four minutes – half the ambulance target response time. So it’s not surprising that over half of fatalities occur before the arrival of the emergency services. It’s down to qualified DFA members, trained to manage the scene of a road traffic collision and administer basic first aid, to increase the chance of survival for those involved before help arrives.
David, a former HGV driver himself, founded DFA because he believes that a network of professionally trained commercial drivers are most likely to be first on scene at a road traffic collision – and have the potential to save hundreds of lives.

The DFA course, which has the support of all three emergency services, now counts as seven hours towards the driver CPC training.

More from: Sarah Morris | | +44 (0)20 7952 1070


The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation is planning to focus the minds of hauliers and fleet operators on the benefits of using the aftermarket. If visitors to its stand in the Workshop area can make the distinction between independent aftermarket brands and OE parts, a bottle of champagne will be available to the winner.

The IAAF’s presence at the CV Show is aimed at helping vehicle operators and hauliers understand more clearly the complexities of parts supply and the impact on their fleet running costs. The independent aftermarket can provide all that a vehicle operator requires, from the supply of OE-quality parts locally to the provision of technical support and diagnostic information.

IAAF Chief Executive, Brian Spratt, said, “The IAAF won’t be pulling any punches at the CV Show. We intend to demonstrate fully the benefits of the independent automotive aftermarket, highlighting the Federation’s commitment to servicing a member’s business needs.” The IAAF CV committee is also showing its commitment to the CV aftermarket by volunteering time on the IAAF stand to meet visitors.

More from: Mark Field | | +44 (0)7825 410998

Stand 4G20

Vigo Software has been providing cost-effective and scalable logistics software solutions for over 30 years, optimising business processes while delivering ROI for its clients.

Vigo continues its long-term commitment to the CV Show, showing its latest suite of applications designed for the logistics sector from general haulage and transport management systems to hub-and-spoke solutions, online customer portals and in-cab equipment.

By providing end-to-end solutions, Vigo’s customers have total visibility from online job entry by the customer, map-based planning and tracking and comprehensive journey data for each item available to all interested parties at the touch of a button. In addition, in-cab communication equipment, including hand-held signature capture devices, minimise the use of paper and provide real-time track and trace information.

Keith Taylor, Chairman of Vigo Software said, “In the battle for survival in such a competitive market, where profit can sometimes be dependent on cost savings, it will be the companies that embrace new technology to link all of their systems that will ultimately succeed.”

More from: Rachel Taylor | | +44 (0)1527 551500

Stand 4G30

Operators are being invited to win a ‘Truckload of Überefficiency’ at this year’s CV Show, courtesy of MAN Truck & Bus UK, as the company encourages operators to calculate their Total Cost of Operation (TCO). MAN continues to champion TCO with its range of customer support offerings which will form a central theme at the Show.

After entering online at, or in person on MAN’s stand, six lucky operators will be selected at random and announced on the last day of the Show, winning the truck of their choice for a full six months.

The truck, either a TGS or TGX tractor, a TGM at 18t or 26t or a TGL at 7.5t or 12t, will come with six-months’ repair and maintenance cover, road tax, tyres, MAN Fleet Management and driver training – a package worth up to £10,000.

MAN’s dedicated TCO website provides operators with an accurate cost calculator for their individual transport operations, taking into account a wide range of critical parameters. A handy fuel calculator also provides an instant cost analysis on annual diesel consumption, including AdBlue usage. “This can help truck operators get a firm fix on operating costs,” said MAN’s CEO in the UK, Des Evans. “It also provides the ability to calculate to a high degree of accuracy their annual expenditure.”

More from: Martin Pickering | | +44 (0)1793 448000

Stand 4D83

Trackitnow believes speeding is a problem that should be addressed by all businesses. It does a company’s brand no favours when one of its vehicles is seen looming in the rear view mirror of another road user. In addition, vehicles typically burn 25% more fuel at 80mph compared to 60mph.

Trackitnow has introduced a handy new tool into its award-winning software that can help educate staff to understand that, aside from the obvious legal issues, there is no need to speed. Users are able to enter a target maximum speed for each vehicle. Trackitnow’s report then compares the actual arrival time with the time the vehicle would have arrived, had it complied with the chosen maximum speed.

“The results from these new Target Speed Journey reports really are enlightening,” said Trackitnow MD Chris Simms. “Drivers and their management quickly see that even relatively lengthy journeys really do only take a few minutes more by sticking to a maximum of, say, 70mph. For example, a journey from the Sussex coast to Northamptonshire at speeds of up to 85mph came in at just seven minutes longer if a maximum speed of just 70mph is used. The fuel savings alone more than outweigh any saving of time.”

More from: Charles Porter | | +44 (0)7936 197094

Stand 5G50

Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles will see football legends on its stand, offering visitors the opportunity to meet and obtain autographs, between 13:30-14:30 on each day of the CV Show:
Tuesday 29 April Graham Taylor, ex-England and Aston Villa manager
Wednesday 30 April Ray Clemence, ex-England and Liverpool goalkeeper
Thursday 1 May Matt Le Tissier, ex-England and Southampton midfielder

More from: Justin Hawkins | | +44 (0)1582 427617

Stand 4E26

Advances in technology that reduce harmful emissions bring huge benefits for the environment, but every action creates a reaction. To achieve low emission levels, the technology and precious metals contained within commercial vehicle exhaust catalyst units continue to make them extremely expensive and valuable. This has not passed unnoticed with the criminal fraternity that has been targeting commercial vehicles and stealing the catalytic converter.

A BBC report published in late 2013 identified that almost 25,000 thefts were reported to the police across the UK between 2010 and the first half of 2013. With some of the more advanced CV catalyst systems costing upwards of £20k it makes for a very expensive repair, especially when downtime and disruption caused to day-to-day business operations are added.

TruckMinder is an innovative anti-theft system that can deter thefts and warn vehicle operators that vehicles are being tampered with. TTC will show the TruckMinder anti-theft systems on its stand at the CV Show.

The system deploys an innovative and sophisticated sensor alarm system that detects attempts to remove the catalytic converter. This detection is linked to both an audible alarm system and a text-to-mobile facility.

More from: Malc England | | +44 (0)1865 383841

Stand 5F68

First developed in the UK in 1924, the Rubbolite brand has grown from strength to strength. From the initial concept of moulding lamps in rubber to increase robustness and reliability, the brand has grown through many years of technical innovations and industry firsts and Rubbolite has been at the forefront of European lighting. Its entire product range will be displayed at the CV Show.

The brand became popular among users as products helped lower maintenance costs and solved problems such as broken bulb filaments and cracks in lamp housings. Truck-Lite Europe’s MD Aaron Rylance said, “We are delighted to celebrate Rubbolite’s 90th birthday and hold the brand close to our hearts here at Truck-Lite, as it set the gold standard for vehicle lighting. Since 1924, the brand has continued to support the commercial vehicle industry and its longevity serves as a testimony to the dedication of the employees of Truck-Lite, who are the backbone of the organisation.”

More from: Michelle Brook | | +44 (0)1279 406460

Stand 5C80

For today’s fleet managers, European industry standards set the bar for minimum performance and requirements. But with the latest technological advancements, the experts at Petro-Canada Lubricants are asking why European fleets shouldn’t expect even more out of their engine oil.

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ DURON UHP 10W-40 engine oil is one of the only heavy duty engine oils (HDEO) to surpass the rigorous specifications of three key ACEA categories E6, E7 and E9, in addition to exceeding major European OEM standards by as much as 50%. With advanced performance capabilities and the results to prove it, it’s no secret why DURON UHP continues to deliver exceptional engine protection across the board.

Petro-Canada Lubricants invites CV Show visitors the chance to win DURON UHP 10W-40 and an opportunity to take the DURON Challenge, subject to terms and conditions.

More from: Herman Conradi | | +44 (0)121 781 7291

Stand 5E111

Leading used commercial vehicle retailer, Van Monster, is launching a premium package to celebrate its fifth year at the CV Show. Designed to offer businesses total reassurance and a fit-for-purpose product, the package offers businesses the opportunity to access six months or 6,000 miles of AA warranty, roadside assistance, road fund licence, a free tank of fuel and a 48 hour return policy on selected vehicles.

In addition, visitors to Van Monster’s stand will also have access to information on the 1,000 vehicles Van Monster has in stock from leading manufacturers including Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Volkswagen. Visitors can take part in Van Monster’s giant van racing game and be entered into a daily competition with a chance of winning a range of prizes, including an iPad Mini, luxury hamper or champagne.

Van Monster visitors can also meet professional and experienced sales advisors who will offer advice on used commercial vehicles, giving insight into the products and services on offer. This includes information on Van Monster’s standard three month or 3,000 mile AA warranty, roadside assistance and 48 hour return policy; illustrating how businesses can purchase quality used vehicles without restriction from Van Monster’s 10 branches across the UK and Ireland.

More from: Ella Sykes | | +44 (0)844 826 6555

Stand 3H71

International development charity, Transaid, hopes the 2014 CV Show will encourage more members of the transport and logistics industry to join its Corporate Partners scheme, helping the organisation to continue its vital work in Africa and developing countries.

Transaid is already supported by some of the biggest players in the transport industry – Bandvulc Group, Bibby Distribution, DHL Supply Chain, Hankook Tyre, Iveco, Norbert Dentressangle, MAN Truck, Michelin and National Express – all of which support the charity with a range of monetary donations, fundraising events and employee volunteers.

Gary Forster, Chief Executive of Transaid, said, “Transaid offers a practical and relevant way for the transport industry to help fight against poverty in developing countries. Without the support of our Corporate Partners we wouldn’t be able to continue running the projects that make such a difference to the lives of so many people. We’re grateful to all our supporters but it would be fantastic if we could receive even more support. We’d really urge anyone who’s interested in getting involved with Transaid to visit our stand in Hall 3 at the CV Show and find out more about what we do.”

More from: Faye McBride | | +44 (0)20 8647 4467

Stand 3D74

ABS Burton is pleased to announce that leading truck racing world champion, Mat Summerfield, will be on its stand at the 2014 CV Show. ABS has sponsored Mat for a number of years and has recently entered into a deal with a second truck to be driven by Ryan Smith in this year’s championship.

ABS will also demonstrate its new online web catalogue for truck and trailer parts. The comprehensive catalogue contains over 22,000 applications and an extensive x- refs section.

More from: Ian Culbert | | + 44 (0)1922 455751

Stand 5A79

V Orlandi will display its new 57.5mm drawbar coupling at the CV Show. Recently launched in the UK, it is virtually maintenance-free, needing no special oils or tools to maintain or repair.
Visitors will have the opportunity to dismantle it themselves and see it in action with working air operation and electric warning system.

The company will also show a variety of other couplings, including a selection of fifth wheels with a working airbag lifted dual height, a heavy duty 3.5” with slider and a budget pressed 2”. Also on display will be the company’s biggest display of approved universal underrun bars from WAP, with seven models on show covering all vehicle types, alongside a full-size TFS semi-trailer steering system, and a sliding draw bar for centre-axle trailers.

Visitors to the V Orlandi stand will see trailer eyes, draw beams, drop plates, ball couplings and new modular draw beam, extending the company’s ability to supply an approved vehicle kit on a pallet complete with underrun and all bolts ready to fit.

More from: Andy Walton | | +44 (0)20 8940 8201

Stand 3F112

Cargo securing and control systems agent, CSSL is exhibiting at the CV Show for the first time.

Products on show will include the brand new StorrWall Distri-Wall by Storr BV. It is an intermediate track-mounted variable position sliding bulkhead for multi-temp distribution. Distri-Wall simplifies pallet wide access to the front compartment, enabling straightforward loading and order picking. It has automatic closure saloon doors and is easy to position and stow.

CSSL now also stocks products from the Kinedyne Corporation, a leading US manufacturer of cargo securement and control systems. Its proven Kaptive beam system provides a high-grade, high performance cost-effective second deck solution for maximising load volumes in refrigerated and dry freight box vans and trailers.

FIX Cargo Securing Systems by NWE Network Engineering can assist in meeting many current requirements for load securing in curtain-sided bodies. Suspended retracting load securing devices are available, both in manual and automatic modes. One of the products is especially suitable for soft and fragile cargo, big bags, sacks and barrels.

More from: Mike Wildi | | +44 (0)7922 298975

Stand 5D41

Leading tail lift manufacturer DEL will launch its new slider lift on its stand at this year’s CV Show. The new lift, with lifting capacities of up to 2,000kg, is designed and built in the UK and is suitable for rigid and trailer applications.

“This is an exciting new product for DEL and the CV Show is the perfect stage for us to launch it,” says Simon Eskriett, DEL’s Sales Director. “With our vast experience, and working closely with customers and bodybuilders, we have designed a lift which will withstand the everyday working environment. The lift includes fully galvanised steelwork, with a flat working surface with stops for safe usage when using trolleys, and operator friendly features.”

DEL will also exhibit its popular Slimjim lift for 3.5t vehicles and bin lift which raises 120, 240 and 360 litre domestic bins to a multitude of heights. The bin lift on display will also include a fully hydraulic roof opening mechanism to ensure the tipped goods remain within the vehicle.

More from: Paul Kelly | | +44 (0)1993 708811

Stand 5H81

Loadmac, Britain’s only manufacturer of truck mounted forklifts, will showcase its innovative products at the CV Show. Visitors will also have the opportunity to win a Morgan three-wheeler sports car for the day.

Loadmac offers a truck-mounted forklift specifically designed for the UK market and built in the UK at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Herefordshire. Its products are light and short for improved payloads and HGV handling, as well as stable with maximum lifting capacities. There are no complex or unreliable electronics, they are tough, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

An industry first – a One Mounting Kit that fits all – means that its forklifts are interchangeable with existing mounting kits, regardless of customers’ current make of truck-mounted forklift.

The company’s friendly team of experts will be on hand to offer advice on specifications, applications and financial packages which can be tailored to suit individual needs, including some great deals on rental. All visitors to the Loadmac stand will have the chance to win a Morgan three-wheeler sports car for the day with two tickets for a tour around the Morgan factory.

More from: Carly Hall | | +44 (0)1772 451817

Stand 5D10

Mercedes-Benz will again make its presence felt at CV Show with an all-encompassing stand ranging from the Citan city van to the new Arocs SLT 4-Axle heavy haulage tractor unit. As well as its stand inside, Mercedes-Benz will have a full 34-vehicle line-up in the outside exhibition area adjacent to Hall 5, alongside Used Approved Commercial Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Wentworth Park.

In addition to the vehicles, experts will be on-hand to discuss everything from FleetBoard through to a range of parts and servicing options, finance and driver training.

Steve Bridge, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans, said, “We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s CV Show to highlight our impressive vehicle and service offering. This year is an exciting time for Mercedes-Benz Vans in the UK, and we have already experienced a record start to 2014. We look forward to welcoming customers to our stand.”

Michael Kamper, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, commented, “The CV Show offers us a great opportunity to spend time with customers. 2013 was a truly remarkable year for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in the UK and, with an increased focus on customer dedication, 2014 will ensure we continue this theme and deliver a dedicated service in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz brand promise.”

More from Simon Wood | | +44 (0)1908 246846

Stand 4E100

With the increasing demanding for LINE-X spray applied protective coatings, LINE-X offers businesses in the UK the opportunity to become part of the global brand for tough, durable protection. Full details will be available from its stand at the CV Show.

LINE-X sets the industry standard for durability and toughness in the spray-on load liner market and each applicator is focused on providing the highest quality product and service. It is a globally trusted brand and the leader in truck bed protection, as well as being an innovator in specialised spray-on protective coatings.

LINE-X offers its dealers the potential to make a healthy ROI, either by adding LINE-X to their existing business model or starting a dedicated dealership. Its applications are not limited to the load bed market, as LINE-X is proven worldwide to provide durable, hard-wearing protection in commercial, industrial, agricultural, automotive and custom applications.

The LINE-X range of protective coatings is touch-dry in seconds, allowing a fast return to service for all types of application, saving downtime which reduces costs and increases revenue.

More from: Darren Hull | | +44 (0)1271 344000

Stand 3C109

Maple Fleet Services will demonstrate its award-winning trailer coupling device, SafeConnect at the CV Show.

SafeConnect is a pneumatic safety valve that protects drivers against crushing and trailer rollaway incidents during the coupling of service lines. It ensures that a trailer’s braking system is permanently applied throughout the coupling process and can only be released once the driver has returned to the cab and is in full control of the vehicle.

At the Show, Maple will also officially launch SafeConnect IQ that offers security enhancements, including trailer immobilisation. Operating in conjunction with Maple’s Insight IQ platform, the solution ensures trailers can only be moved by authorised persons. Uniquely it also provides operators with the capability to authorise trailer movements remotely, making illegal couplings a thing of the past.

More from: Paul Nunn | | +44 (0)161 429 1580

Stand 4E39

The CV Show will see the launch of Performa Lubricants’ new Diesel Flush Machine 910, a cutting-edge diesel fuel service and carbon clean which, the company says, yields exceptional results.

Exclusive to Performa Lubricants Europe, the machine is the first of its kind to be introduced to the UK and European markets, along with its complete range of Performa Lubricants garage equipment and products. The DFS 910 significantly reduces the most common problems with diesel vehicles in a complete service which takes approximately one hour, without the mechanical strip-down of engine components.

The Performa Lubricants Europe brand is driven by high performance, superior quality and proven results which are quick, profitable and long-lasting. The entire line of Performa products has undergone extensive testing and has been embraced by maintenance and repair professionals across automotive, marine and industrial markets.

More from: Seamus Hanna | | +44 (0)28 9066 6962

Stand 4D101

Guretruck SL has more than 18 years’ experience providing solutions to road transport companies in continental Europe. At the CV Show, it will introduce its TruckController Ecosystem, an online technology allowing clients to access all its services from one point. Introductory discounts will be offered to visitors.

Clients will be able to access all Guretruck’s services including fine payment assistance and cash advance, 24/7/365 telephone number with multi-lingual support, and release of immobilised vehicles and loads throughout Europe.

Guretruck’s legal services include assistance with transport-related fines throughout Europe and can provide specialists who are native lawyers from most European countries in the defence of drivers’ hours offences. Its other legal services offer international debt collection, clandestine entrants and Spanish fuel tax reclamation.

Contact: Edward Lowdell | | (0)20 3318 5240

Stand 4D70

The CV Show will see tracking and telematics specialist, VeriLocation, reveal its latest combined fleet management solution, the Driver Dashboard application. Created to provide customers with the complete fleet package, the Driver Dashboard works seamlessly on any Android device, combining daily task management, including VOSA-regulated vehicle checks, driver communication capabilities, integrated satellite navigation and real-time driving performance feedback.

Visitors to the Show will see the Dashboard’s large array of innovative features, including two-way communication and job despatch, integrated satellite navigation and live driver performance feedback. Transport managers are alerted in real-time to the type of incident that signifies a bad driving event, like over-acceleration, harsh braking and engine idling, resulting in faster and greater improvement in driver performance and safety compared with typical weekly or monthly reviews. The application also includes a compulsory end-of-shift driver debrief, allowing drivers to evaluate their overall performance compared with that of their previous shifts, as well as how they rank amongst other drivers in their fleet.

Andrew Overton, Managing Director of VeriLocation explained, “This new technology has allowed us to provide fleets with a simple all-in-one solution enabling full connectivity between the vehicle, the driver and the transport office. We believe that Driver Dashboard will appeal to any company looking for a one-stop solution to improve operational efficiencies and generate large savings.”

More from: Helena Overton | | +44 (0)1604 859854

Stand 3D128

Coolertech, the specialist insulated vehicle bodybuilder, will welcome Alex Lowes, current British Superbike Champion to its stand on Wednesday 30 April.
Alex has already made a great impact in the sporting world, with eight wins, 20 podiums and six pole positions on his way to the 2013 title. This year, the 23-year-old racer is competing in the Superbike World Championship, after joining Voltcom Crescent Suzuki, the only British-run team within the World Championship.

Alongside Coolertech’s insulated vehicle exhibits, a Voltcom Crescent Suzuki GSX-R1000 bike will also be on display.

More from: Charlene Byrne | | +44 (0)1323 842431

Stand 4H120

Visitors to this year’s CV Show will get a first look at TomTom Telematics’ new 7” driver terminal, the latest edition to the WEBFLEET fleet management platform.

This latest development extends the WEBFLEET platform, allowing businesses to streamline their end-to-end processes, where field staff and vehicles become an integrated part of the overall operation. WEBFLEET enables developers seamlessly to connect vehicles and mobile workers with the back office. The new driver terminal, PRO 8275, adds flexibility and value to an already strong solution for transport operators.

More from: Anthony Andrew | | +44 (0)161 973 4158

Stand 4E29

CV Show visitors who can’t wait till the CV Show to know more about Eye-Load’s workshop loading software can see a preview on YouTube. At the Show, Ray Jenkins and Mark Sherratt will be on the Eye-Load stand to answer further questions.

More from: Ray Jenkins | | +44 (0)1628 665814

Stand 4E119

ARI Fleet UK, a leading fleet management company specialising in complex car, van and HGV fleets, will show visitors to its CV Show stand how it devises custom fleet solutions enabling clients to boost efficiency and cut costs.

Through a multi-step, consultative approach, ARI consistently delivers far-reaching benefits to fleet managers, combining core strategic values such as cost management, service delivery and responsibility to drivers, communities and the environment.

Jason Chamberlain, ARI Fleet UK Sales Director said, “As one of the biggest events in the UK’s transport and logistics calendar, the CV Show offers us an unrivalled opportunity to talk openly with businesses about their fleet management requirements. Visitors will gain a real understanding of our complete fleet solution, which focuses on eight core services including risk, accident and maintenance management.”

More from: Ryan Gibson | | +44 (0)161 817 6600

Flexible approach to truck dimensions would have greater impact on fuel efficiency, says ACEA

Posted on: April 16, 2014

The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) believes that European Parliament has missed an opportunity with its latest directive on improving the weight and dimensions of HGVs.

It believes that the inflexible approach taken by parliament recommending curved cabs, bigger windows for greater visibility and an aerodynamic and crash safety redesign, has not taken into account the amount of time required to carry out research and development required.

ACEA says this was the ideal opportunity for European Parliament to provide manufacturers with the means to reduce emissions efficiently from HGVs.

It believes that the extension of HGV length and vehicle combinations, is gives enough scope for industry to incorporate these fuel-efficient innovations into its designs.

Erik Jonnaert, ACEA Secretary General, said the new directive neglected active safety technologies, which are considered to be the future of commercial vehicle safety.

“ACEA has sought to bring solutions and positive suggestions to the debate on weights and dimensions. Industry believes that it ought to have the flexibility to make use of revised rules to deliver cleaner and more efficient trucks in the most cost-effective manner,” he added.

The new directive also called for more investment and harmonisation of the alternative fuel structure across Europe.

Despite this being something the automotive industry has been advocating in order to meet targets, Jonnaert believes the European Parliament’s intervention may be detrimental to the sector.

“The package voted on today unfortunately removed binding targets for alternative infrastructure development. The automotive industry encourages policy makers to commit to action on infrastructure,” he added.

“Only consistency in infrastructure investment will ensure wider transport policy goals can be met. The industry is dedicated to delivering sustainable mobility in Europe, and need policy makers to support this aim.”

End of the road for illegal HGVs following task force success

Posted on: April 15, 2014

The Industrial HGV Task Force will continue with its crackdown on illegal trucks after proving a success over the last six months.

The trial, funded by Transport for London and the Department for Transport, was to crackdown on non-compliant HGV operators and drivers and act as a deterrent to companies who try to undercut those operating legitimately.

The task force, including Metropolitan and City of London Police services and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, has targeted and stopped over 1,960 trucks on London’s roads.

Out of those stopped 24 vehicles were seized, 15 prosecutions made and 519 fixed penalty notices given for a variety of infringements including, no safeguard equipment, inaccurate recording of driving hours and lack of insurance.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, said, “The task force has carried out some sterling work raising the profile of road safety and deterring dangerous vehicles from London.

“Making it a regular fixture on our streets makes perfect sense and sends the message out loud and clear that unsafe and illegal lorries simply aren’t welcome in the Capital.”

Transport Minister Stephen Hammond stated that the work of the organisation underlines the necessity of having targeting HGVs and stopping them.

“We are determined to do all we can to tackle dangerous HGVs, which are a safety risk to cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists,” he added.

The news comes as the European Parliament is set decide on new rules to make trucks safer and more fuel-efficient.

One of the proposed changes set to be instigated on the industry is the introduction of rounder cab profiles and bigger windows in an attempt to increase visibility.

Enscite set to help transport engineering SMEs “grow and thrive”

Posted on: April 14, 2014

A new organisation aims to improve the performance of small and medium businesses within the transport engineering supply chain.

Enscite, supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Regional Growth Fund, has been launched to help automotive manufacturing businesses grow.

To mark the occasion Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, delivered a speech saying he was pleased to back the organisation that will enable companies within the transport sector to take these skills and opportunities even further.

“We are investing record amounts in our transport infrastructure, which is a vital engine for growth for this country. That is why it is vital an organisation like Enscite exists to support these businesses and help drive forward our economy.”

It will offer a range of support services to the SMEs operating within or wanting to access the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors.

Colin McKinnon, Managing Director of Enscite, said, “It works to help manufacturing businesses to grow and thrive. Utilising the expertise of our world-class partners, we deliver practical business improvement programmes, run supply chain workshops and leverage funding to support investments in new technology, including access to a £1m Technology Fund.

“The sector is set for sustained growth and an increasing number of UK companies are looking to re-shore production in the UK, creating jobs, while cutting production costs.”

The launch event, held at Derby’s Roundhouse, was attended by more than 190 guests from organisations across the automotive, aerospace and rail engineering supply chain. Partners of Enscite, Derby City Council, University of Derby, Aston University and Cranfield University, were also in attendance.

The battle to clean up London’s cab scene is hotting up

Posted on: April 17, 2014

Boris Johnson has spoken. London’s Mayor wants Central London to be an Ultra-Low Emission Zone by 2020 and the capital’s iconic (mostly black) cabs will have to play their part.

He is adamant that all new London taxis presented for licensing from January 2018 onwards will have to be zero-emission capable; in other words, they will have to be able to run solely on battery power in certain areas of Britain’s biggest city. London already has almost 1,400 charging points and should have 6,000 by 2018.

Conscious that they too need to take action in the wake of the European Commission’s decision to launch legal proceedings against the UK over air quality levels, other urban authorities are watching what happens in the capital with keen interest.

Manufacturers are already busy developing cabs that meet Johnson’s requirements and that keep with the traditional profile and style of London taxis.

Among a number of companies vying for a share of the London taxi market are Ecotive and Fraser-Nash Research , both of which have UK facilities. They have developed the Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab fitted with a lithium-ion battery, an electric motor for each of the rear wheels and a 1.0-litre petrol range-extender engine coupled to a generator.

“Instantly recognisable as a London cab, with a panoramic glass roof for views of the city, it offers for no price premium completely new levels of economy, emissions and passenger comfort and is ready to enter service this year,” says Metrocab Chairman, Sir Charles Masefield.

With CO2 emissions set at a modest 50g/km, Metrocab is more than three times more fuel-efficient than conventional London taxis says the manufacturer and should typically save the driver between £30 and £40 a day. It can be recharged at home from a standard domestic power supply and has a claimed range of up to 350 miles.

Metrocab will not have things all its own way however.

Already a major investor in UK plc, Nissan is working with Coventry-based ADV Manufacturing to produce its new Taxi for London set to appear on the capital’s streets at the end of the year.

The two companies are setting up a taxi factory in the city, which has a long history of cab production, in a £6m joint venture marking a further boost for the UK automotive industry. The base vehicle will be shipped over from Spain for final assembly at the Midlands plant where it will be fitted with new bodywork with a taxi-type interior plus revised suspension and steering.

Based on the NV200 platform, Taxi for London has been designed in London for London by Nissan Design Europe in Paddington, which is also responsible for the Qashqai and the Juke.

The first model to roll off the line ready for delivery in December will be petrol-powered. Nissan will launch an all-electric version in 2015 with the batteries manufactured in Sunderland.

The Nissan/ADV project is being supported with a loan of nearly £4m through the Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Initiative, the UK government’s job creation fund for manufacturing.

Also based in Coventry, and acquired by Chinese manufacturer Geely just over a year ago, The London Taxi Company plans to have a compliant vehicle by the start of 2018.

“We will meet this challenge by offering a new, purpose-built, plug-in range-extended electric hybrid taxi,” promises Executive Vice-President, Peter Johansen.

Other potential competitors include Mercedes-Benz and Turkish manufacturer Karsan.

Mercedes-Benz is already selling its Vito as a cab in London, and with significant success. A new Vito will appear later this year and is likely to be available in electric guise following on from the development of a battery-powered version of the existing model.

Karsan has already exhibited its pure-electric Concept V1 cab in London with a claimed range between recharges of from 80 to 100 miles. It is designed by sister company, Hexagon Design, and comes with a glass roof too.

Just as London’s 25,000 licensed cab drivers are obliged to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the city’s streets, the taxis they drive have to comply with certain requirements. Among them is a 25ft turning circle; something that all the foregoing manufacturers say they can meet, in some cases by using a rear-steer axle.

Taxis and the people who drive them are not always subject to such strict regulations in other cities around Europe. No matter where within the European Union they are however, all urban authorities are conscious that they too could face legal action by the Commission if they fail to meet stringent air quality standards.

Electric Nissan e-NV200 cabs will soon start being seen on the streets of Barcelona.

They will be built in a local factory and Nissan is to help the authorities set up a network of quick chargers for cab drivers to use. The chargers can bring a battery back to 80% of its capacity in only 30 minutes says the manufacturer.

Like Boris Johnson, Barcelona mayor Xavier Trias is a big fan of electric urban transport. “This pioneering scheme will improve the welfare of the city’s people,” he observes.

Returning to London, what about zero-emission chauffeur-driven private hire vehicles?

They are not being neglected, with Thriev putting 20 Chinese-built electric BYD e6 cars into service, which are estimated to have a range of up to 186 miles apiece.

They join two all-electric BYD single-decker buses already in service with Go-Ahead on two central London routes. Thriev offers an app for Apple and Android devices that allows customers to book a trip in one of its cars in just a few clicks.

Johnson has taken steps to clean up London’s existing fleet of cabs. A 15-year age limit was introduced in January 2012 along with a requirement that all newly-licensed cabs must meet Euro 5 emissions as a minimum, and more than 3,000 of the city’s most-polluting taxis have now gone.

Furthermore, Transport for London has launched a campaign to persuade cab drivers not to allow their engines to idle wastefully at taxi ranks. While few drivers heed the advice, if it catches on the idea will help cut air pollution and save money on fuel bills.

All in all, London is making huge strides to clean up the taxi scene ahead of ever more stringent EU regulations coming in, and the proactive stance government has taken will see London and the UK start to breathe easier as the transport sector becomes ever cleaner.

Nottingham expands its EV fleet with 17 new Optare Solos

Posted on: April 17, 2014

News from Optare: Nottingham City Council has ordered another £3.6 million eco-friendly buses from Optare. The deal sees the East Midlands city add another 17 electric buses to its fleet, making it one of the largest for public transport in Europe.

Optare has previously supplied 28 electric buses to Nottingham City Council, made up of a mixture of Versa. Solo SR and Solo models. The 17 new buses are 9.2m Solo EVs, and the first deliveries are expected in July.

The buses are equipped with a rapid charge system so they can use charging systems installed in the City, and have been part funded by the Department for Transport’s Green bus Fund.

Commenting on the order for the new buses, Andy Gibbons, Head of Public Transport for Nottingham City Council, said, “Nottingham City Council is committed to continued investment in modern buses to provide a safe, reliable, value for money, integrated public transport network which has the least impact on our environment.”

Enrico Vassallo, Optare’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “This is very encouraging for bus manufacturing in Britain, as our factory near Leeds is benefiting from several large orders for new buses this year. We are delighted to be leading the way with the proven technology and efficiency of our electric buses, and hybrid systems, meaning customers like Nottingham City Council are choosing more Optare buses for their low carbon fleet.”

Paneltex Somers gives Eskimo Express more flexibility

Posted on: April 17, 2014

News from Paneltex Somers: Leading specialist courier company Eskimo Express added two Citroën Relay vans to its fleet, both feature high specification dual compartment bodies converted by Norwich-based refrigerated body manufacturer Paneltex Somers.

The Paneltex Somers refrigerated conversion enables the Citroëns to operate at -25°C in one compartment and +25°C in the other.

Eskimo Express now benefits from being able to utilise one vehicle on jobs where previously they would have had to have used two.

The Chertsey-based company anticipates both these vehicles to have a working life of up to six years.

During 2013 Eskimo Express purchased two ATP Certified Citroën Berlingos from Paneltex Somers that were converted at the company’s Norwich based manufacturing site. The success of these resulted in this latest order for two Citroën Relays.

Tony Colato from Eskimo Express, said, “Much of our courier work is specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and we have found that, apart from Paneltex Somers, no other vehicle body manufacturer can manufacture such a high level of refrigerated conversion that is ideally suited to this industry. Our vehicles work extremely hard on deliveries and collections all over Europe, so the reliability and consistent performance achieved by our refrigerated vehicles is vital to the success of the business.

“Because of the nature of the delivery work they are involved in, the refrigerated body conversion is, by design, quite complex and detailed. In addition to the capability of a 50°C differential between the two compartments, the vehicle also has twin temperature recorders, to ensure that load integrity is never compromised at any time, and full European coverage satellite tracking.”

Peak-Ryzex springs Bensons’ technology forward

Posted on: April 17, 2014

News from Peak Ryzex: Bensons for Beds has awarded Peak-Ryzex the contract to upgrade its mobile proof of delivery (ePOD) system. The agreement covers the supply of Motorola MC65 rugged mobile devices, as well as managed services with a Next Working Day Exchange (NWDE) service and battery maintenance contract.

The new MC65 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs) ensures next-day replacement in the event of any hardware failure, which maximises uptime. The eight-hour battery operating time, with 100-hours standby time, ensures that batteries last a full shift.

With 270 stores throughout the UK, Bensons for Beds operates mainly as concessions on large retails parks, as well as standalone superstores and high street stores. The company delivers approximately 3,500 beds every week throughout the UK, and assembles them on the customer’s premises.

On successful delivery of a bed, the device hosting an ePOD system captures the customer’s signature and the camera function enables drivers to prove that the bed was assembled on site. If the customer is not in, the driver can take a photograph of the front door to prove that delivery was attempted. Photographs are also taken to record any damage to product or property, or any obstructed access or inadequate room dimensions preventing delivery to the customer’s room of choice. Drivers can add comments to a captured image and can automatically embed a geostamp via integrated GPS.

Owen Lee, Distribution Support Manager at Benson for Beds, said the implementation of the system has eliminated customer claims of non-delivery or non-assembly of beds.

“With their expertise in the handheld device industry, Peak-Ryzex are able to supply the right device for the right job, and back it up with a next working day swap-out arrangement,” said Lee. “It’s reassuring to know that, should a device develop a problem, a replacement will arrive ready to use the next working day.”

In addition to reducing paperwork related to delivery operations, the device also acts as a phone which can connect to almost any network in the world. It also schedules the driver and his deliveries, and the tracking feature helps Bensons for Beds to monitor driver behaviour.

Scania Irizar i6 is the coach of choice for Fourway

Posted on: April 15, 2014

News from Scania: Fourway Coaches of Leeds has taken delivery of a Scania K 360 IB4x2 with Irizar i6 bodywork. The 360 horsepower vehicle is equipped with Scania’s fully automated two-pedal Opticruise gear selection system.

The coach has been specified to full touring specification and includes 53 passenger seats with three-point seatbelts and leather headrests, dual zone air conditioning, a centre sunken washroom, alloy wheels and a reversing camera.

This is the first time Fourway Coaches has specified a new Scania for their fleet. The decision to purchase followed a demonstration and successful trial.

Paul Thorogood, General Manager of Fourway Coaches, said, “With the reassurances of the local Scania dealer and the build-quality of the product we were very pleased from the outset.”

Wakefield Housing Association feels at home with Volkswagen CVs

Posted on: April 15, 2014

News from Volkswagen: It’s a full house for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles thanks to a partnership agreement to provide Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) with a fleet of 360 new vehicles.

The new vehicles are being introduced as part of a fleet replacement programme, with an initial 119 vehicles joining the company ranks between June and September 2014 and a further 126 vehicles due between September and December 2014.

The vehicles will be used by the housing association’s property maintenance teams, which consist of a full mix of trades including builders, plumbers, electricians and ground staff. Each vehicle supplied has been carefully selected for the business area it will be operating in, with many featuring bespoke specifications to make life on board more efficient for drivers.

The housing association has taken full advantage of Volkswagen’s extensive range of vans, ordering a full mix of vehicles that includes: Caddy and Caddy Maxi vans, SWB and LWB Transporter panel vans, Crafter panel vans in a variety of wheelbases, as well as Crafter Dropsides and specialist Dropside conversions. The vehicles were chosen for their excellent reliability, affordable maintenance costs and attractive whole-life values.

Rick Young, Fleet Manager at WDH, said, “The flexibility of the Volkswagen model range has allowed us to customise the vehicles to meet our exact needs. Working closely with the fleet team at Volkswagen has meant that we have been able to identify the exact models we required along with the specific extras each vehicle needed. The whole process is running smoothly and the first batch of vehicles is eagerly awaited by all at WDH.”

Alastair Hemmings, National Fleet Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, added, “WDH’s decision to work with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to fulfil its vehicle replacement programme has allowed us to demonstrate the flexibility of our entire range. The combination of our broad model range and our dedicated fleet support team has helped us to deliver a fleet solution that meets the needs of WDH now and into the future.”

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